Last Monday in the month. 


25/1, 29/2, 14/3, 25/4, 30/5 & 27/6

Time: 19:00 – 21:00


1 x 350 kr. 

3 times-card 960 kr.


Sign-up for the workshop:

Janice Berneman 

Phone: +45 31 24 56 05 


Benefits: Gain vitality, higher your frequency, stress relief & deep healing state of body and mind.

In the workshop the main focus is to turn off from the exterior and connect with yourself.

First by concentrating on feeling the body in the present moment and release your worries and emotions. Then experience that by moving, relaxing and expressing different parts of your body the tension starts to go away and  you can be more open to connect with yourself and with others. 

After moving the body and releasing stress, it is time to lay down on mat with a warm blanket and slowly relax the body. You will experience the healing sound and vibrat